“Wildly atmospheric…a happy concatenation of story, song and environment…The songs [are]…marvelous…the musicianship impressive and the performances energetic…”

“…charming…enchanting…impressive…SeaWife creates a lovely balance of music and stagecraft that provides a most unique spectacle.”

“SeaWife is more than an unusual evening of musical storytelling—
it’s a testament to the power of theatrical collaboration.”

“terrific music by The Lobbyists…hard to resist”

“Singing and stomping their way into the swirling, blubbery heart of American Whaling, The Lobbyists have crafted a sea-going masterpiece.”

-Nathaniel Philbrick (author of In the Heart of the Sea)

“an intensely captivating odyssey”

“a rare experience, an inspired union of story, music, and acting, all performed at the highest level.”

– The Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror

“[SeaWife] is rocking the house…with absolutely gorgeous music and an insanely talented young cast…”

– Broadway Box

“an immensely clever conjuring of this dark and haunting story…there is so much technical majesty…I was happy to just sit back and—in true nautical fashion—let the artistry wash right over me.”

– Theasy

 “the symbolic ocean tale has been vividly re-imagined and made exceptionally cool in SeaWife…[Naked Angels has] taken what has become a staid genre and given it a hip, fresh, makeover that is as entertaining as the ocean is vast.”

– Manhattan Digest

“a rocking, pulsating score that gives way to haunting melodies and the tightest harmonies seven voices can create… I left humming the closing song and still can’t get it out of my head.”

-Gregory Allen, Adversity & Diversity