"[T]he Lobbyists have a great sound: acoustic...folkloric...with an edge that bespeaks downtown." - Hudson Valley Almanac 

Full article (a feature on SeaWife at Vassar/New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater):  


released 22 June 2015 

Recorded by The Lobbyists: 

Tommy Crawford - lead vocals (2 & 4), background vocals, guitars, slide (1), accordion (3) 
Eloïse Eonnet - lead vocals (5), background vocals, tambourine, shakers 
Alex Grubbs - lead vocals (1), background vocals, mandolin, guitar (5), banjo (1) 
Will Turner - lead vocals (3), background vocals, banjo (2, 3, 6) 
Tony Vo - lead vocals (6), background vocals, drums, percussion, guitar (6) 
Douglas Waterbury-Tieman - background vocals (1, 5, 6), fiddle 

with Eric Allen - cello 

All songs written by The Lobbyists and © 2014/2015 The Lobbyists 

Recorded at Spin Studios in Long Island City, Queens, and Analogue Muse, New York City 
Chief Recording and Mixing Engineer Geoff Strasser 
Produced by Geoff Strasser and Tommy Crawford 
Mastered by Jacob Blumberg at Mason Jar Music Studios, Brooklyn 
SeaWife illustration by Seth Moore 
Band portraits by Travis Schlaht 
Album design by Darren Melchiorre.

All songs by The Lobbyists and © The Lobbyists 2014 All Rights Reserved 

Copyright 2015 SeaWife. All Rights Reserved. [TiVo Designs]